Drivers Education

Test Your Skills...and Your Porsche

Porsches were meant to be driven fast and you can only get a taste of their performance driving down the highway. Luckily through drivers’ education events, you can take your Porsche on the track and not only learn what it can do, but what you can do too.

DE events are the perfect environment for you to hone your driving skills and get a feel for your Porsche’s handling and performance.  We’ve had years of experience taking new drivers to the track and helping improve their performance and realize the fun of Porsche motorsports. We don’t try to sell you on the fanciest of car parts, we like to focus on driver skill and will make performance adjustments to your car as you’re ready for them.

DE Track Packages Include:

  • Pre-track inspection
  • Transportation of equipment
  • Tire pressure adjustments and monitoring throughout the event
  • Fluid levels checked and maintained
  • Windshield cleaning
  • Fuel fill ups
  • Vehicle adjustments to improve track handling
  • Driver coaching
  • Hospitality

Interested in attending a DE event? Check out our event calendar to see what events are in your area. We offer different levels of track support packages to make sure you have the right support you need.

Also you can check out our blog on getting started in HPDE events. Call us today to learn more about DE events and our packages!