Frozen Rotors by Diversified Cryogenics

With a large selection of rotors that are designed for each model of Porsche, Frozen Rotors is one of our go-to's for premium quality and high performance rotors for the best value. Call for pricing!

Because these brake rotors are cryongenically treated to be more resilient to the stresses caused by the constant heating and cooling, Frozen Rotors out performs standard rotors by double the mileage!

There are several brake disc options:

Frozen Rotors are ideal for for high-performance vehicles because they deliver increased performance at a higher level of safety. They resist cracking, warping and fading while also providing a more predictable, consistent braking. 

Frozen Rotors Slotted are recommended for performance and racing vehicles. They slots reduce brake fade when brake pad gasses build up on the rotor. They also allow for improved stopping power in wet weather conditions because the water has a channel to escape. They also keep brake pads clean to give you an improved brake bite.

Street Sport Cryo are drilled and slotted rotors that gives you the best combo of cooling and out-gassing. These rotors run cool...and look cool. 

Power Slot Cryo are the original Frozen Rotors which have been cyrogenically treated and then are machined to give the angled slot design. These rotors have a distinct advantage in tensile strength, abrasie wear resistance and rotor longevity.

Due to the variety of part numbers for all models of Porsche, we'd like to help you select the right brake rotor system. Please have your vehicle's year and model information ready and give us a call today!

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