Motul 5L Motor Oil VW/Audi 5W40

Motul Specific VW/Audi - 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil - 5 Liters
Product #101575

Type: 3374650 020099 / 5W-40 100% Fully Synthetic
Application: Motor oil for Volkswagen/Audi gas or diesel engines.
Specifications: ACEA C3
OEM Approvals: VW / Audi 505 01 / 502 00 / 505 00 and Ford WSS M2C 917A
Volume: 5 Liters / Case = (4) 5 Liter Bottles.

Volkswagen/Audi - 100% synthetic lubricant with reduced sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur (Mid SAPS).This Motul oil is specifically designed for all types of VW and Audi engines (Gasoline, Diesel & TDI pump injector).

VW/Audi Gasoline and Diesel engine oil is specially designed for cars which follow fixed oil drain intervals (up to 9320 miles / 15000 km in Europe) powered by TDI, Turbo Diesel engines fitted with or without Unit Injector (Volkswagen PD), without Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or gasoline engines. *Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s interval specifications. Suitable for any types of fuel: leaded gasoline, unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel.

Worldwide Innovation:

  • Official approvals of VW guarantee the quality of the product development and manufacturing process.
  • Synthetic base stock provides outstanding lubrication properties in order to handle additional load on valve train due to unit injector actuation, minimizes friction and ensures resistance at high temperature observed in modern engines.
  • Avoid wear on valve train in order to preserve engine performance.
  • Mid SAPS technology for a better compatibility with the latest generation of catalytic converters.
  • Anti-oxidation, Anti-wear, Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam properties.

Warranty Information
Motul products are all API and SAE approved with the latest certifications. Using the correct application of Motul product will not void the vehicle's factory warranty.

Motul has risen above existing standards by developing products based on unconventional technologies like the Double Esters of the 300V range for cars and motorcycles or else the amine-free and boric acid-free technologies used in the aeronautics industry for machining titaniums.

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